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Is my product covered by the Regulations?

Electrical and electronic products also include wind-up, battery-powered and solar-powered products.

Some products may contain electrical or electronic components, but will not use electricity as their main power source. The WEEE Regulations cover products that are dependent on electric currents or electromagnetic fields as their primary power source. E.g. a gas cooker may rely on electricity to power an electric clock and the ignition but would be considered to be outside the Regulations as it will still function as a cooker without electricity.

Large household appliances
Small household appliances
IT & telecoms equipment
Consumer equipment
Lighting equipment
Electrical and electronic tools
Toys, leisure and sports equipment
Medical devices
Monitoring & control instruments
Automatic dispensers

Intended for specific national security & military purposes
Luminaries in households
Filament lightbulbs
Large-scale stationary industrial tool
Implanted & infected medical products

If the product cannot reasonably be said to fit within one of the 10 product categories, it is not covered by the Regulations.

1. Does the product need electric currents or electromagnetic fields to work? Yes
2. Does it require less than 1,000v AC or 1,500v DC? Yes
3. Does it fit within one of the 10 product categories in Schedule 1? Yes
4. Is the product covered by a specific exemption? No
5. Main power source is electricity? Yes
6. Electricity is needed for primary function? Yes
7. Forms part of equipment not included in the product categories? No

Your product appears to be covered by the scope of the Regulations.