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    08th Apr 2020

    The UK household WEEE collection target for 2020 is 497,338 tonnes. This is 5,149 less than the total amount of household WEEE collected and reported by compliance schemes to the environment agencies in 2019. The target for 2020 is 53,189 tonnes less than the 2019 target.


    In developing its original 2020 household WEEE collection target proposal, and after taking account of the impact of the revised WEEE protocols, Defra undertook a five-year trend analysis of WEEE collections to identify the total tonnage for collection of each category of WEEE. Adjustments were then made where previous growth trends were judged not to be reflective of current market dynamics or where forecasts were judged to provide for too conservative targets.


    This led to Defra's proposed UK household WEEE collection target of 537,975 tonnes, However, the focus of Industry feedback on the proposal was on the uncertainty brought about by Covid-19 and its likely impact on WEEE collections. Social distancing measures have resulted in the closure of most Household Waste Recycling Centres and many other collection routes are not currently operating. Sales of new appliances have also been significantly affected.


    Whilst it isn’t possible to quantify the impact of Covid-19 on 2020 WEEE collections, Defra has taken the decision to amend the 2020 targets to reflect actual collections reported by compliance schemes in 2019, except for Categories 11 and 14. The 2020 targets have not been reduced further at this stage to ensure that WEEE collections are not dis-incentivised and compliance schemes have been urged to do all that they possibly can to ensure WEEE available for collection is delivered into treatment facilities.


    Louise Grantham, chief executive of REPIC, comments: ““We welcome the pragmatic approach that Defra has taken to setting targets during these uncertain times. We remain committed to ensuring WEEE made available is collected and recycled. However, in order to protect the public and employees, understandably most HWRCs are now closed to public access and many other collection activities have stopped. Similarly, AATFs have either temporarily ceased operation or are working at reduced capacity. We are maintaining regular contact with our collectors and service partners and will continue to work with Government and other industry organisations to safeguard future WEEE collection and recycling activity. I’m sure like everybody, we hope that ‘normal service’ can be resumed as soon as possible, and that our colleagues keep well.”



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