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Our Services

REPIC is approved as a B2C and B2B producer compliance scheme by the Environment Agency.

REPIC members finance the costs of collection, transport, treatment and environmentally sound recycling or disposal of over half of all separately collected household WEEE each year in the UK.  REPIC’s scale of operation and unique funding method allows us to offer major benefits to our members.

Local Authorities / Local Authority Site Operators
Distributors (retailers)
Treatment Facilities
Other WEEE collectors


REPIC provides B2C and B2B compliance for its members. Our compliance services include:

  • Member workshops, seminars, focus groups and meetings including guidance on
    preparation of EEE sales data and product scope.
  • Access to REPIC’s unique “ERIC” on-line registration system.
  • A member’s pack giving step by step instructions on ongoing compliance.
  • Access to a dedicated members only website area providing regular updates and guidance notes and essential compliance information.
  • Ongoing access to a simple user-friendly and secure member web page to provide ongoing EEE data and other information updates.
  • Member Registration with the Environment Agency and notification of your WEEE producer registration number and UK market share in each category registered.
  • Cradle-to-grave tracking and reporting of WEEE collected and treated to provide auditable compliance.
  • The provision of regular information on WEEE collected, cost updates and forecasts.
  • Independent audit and verification of cost allocation mechanism and member market share calculations.
  • Standard and bespoke B2B solutions.
  • Annual confirmation of compliance with your producer WEEE obligations
  • Providing scheme members with advice and assistance in arranging their own WEEE take-back systems.
  • Through its parent company, REPIC offers a one-stop compliance solution for WEEE, batteries and packaging.

Local Authorities/ Local Authority Site Operators

Local Authority sites form the backbone of the UK’s collection network. Virtually all Household Waste Recycling Centre sites (HWRCs) have opted into the WEEE collection system by becoming Designated Collection Facilities (DCFs). Some are operated by Local Authorities, others by Waste Companies under contract to Local Authorities.  REPIC currently partners with several hundred collection sites operated directly by councils or their chosen waste management partners.

To ensure seamless uninterrupted operation and service levels REPIC offers:

  • Access to a tailored PR fund for local authorities for local promotional activity to stimulate take back of WEEE and maximise separate collection
  • To give back the net value of any scrap revenue from WEEE to the Local Authority or site operator
  • To use your current approved reuse partners, transport and WEEE treatment partners unless you wish to change
  • Through REPIC’s secure funding method we offer a sustainable solution
  • To provide an individual collection plan for each DCF to mutually agreed service levels
  • To provide the WEEE information that you require for waste data flow reporting
  • To guarantee to clear all WEEE in all categories
  • To contract for a mutually acceptable time period
  • A nominated account manager to act as your key interface
  • Regional WEEE and battery workshops to provide you with regular updates

Distributors (Retailers)

REPIC offers WEEE collection and treatment solutions for retailers of household EEE

  • REPIC will accept free of charge any separately collected household  WEEE from distributors delivered to any WEEE treatment plant in the UK
  • REPIC partners with retailers to provide bespoke solutions for their WEEE collection needs
  • REPIC can provide containers, collection and transport for WEEE collected at retailer premises to collect WEEE arising from in store or from collection on home delivery
  • REPIC provides guidance on retailers’ responsibilities and rights under the WEEE Regulations, including hazardous premises notification, etc.
  • REPIC also provides portable battery collection services to retailers - please see our Battery pages.

Treatment Facilities

REPIC’s members, many of whom own are major brand name owners, take their environmental responsibilities seriously and REPIC expects its transport and treatment partners to operate to the highest environmental and ethical standards.

In return REPIC offers the following to its transport and treatment partners:

  • Agreed rates and forecast tonnages in advance
  • Payment on time and in full to mutually agreed terms
  • Site audits providing valuable feedback
  • Providing reports on WEEE collections by stream and collection location to enable evidence and environment agency reporting to be agreed.
  • Increasing volumes as our access to WEEE grows

Other WEEE collectors

In addition to local authority, waste company, retailer and  producer member WEEE take back, there are other organisations, such as charities or commercial enterprises, who also legitimately collect WEEE.

REPIC continually seeks new WEEE collection opportunities and can offer the following to our other WEEE collection partners:

  • An opportunity to become part of the growing REPIC collection partner network
  • A mutually agreed collection plan for each collection facility in the network
  • Acceptance of all legitimate separately collected household WEEE in all categories
  • Individually tailored promotional support to increase the separate collection, reuse and recycling of household WEEE
  • Reporting of your WEEE collections to the environment agency