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Who is REPIC?

REPIC - is a not-for-profit company established in January 2004. It was set up by AMDEA, SEAMA and Intellect, three of the main trade associations in the electrical and electronics industry to meet their producer obligations under the WEEE Directive.

REPIC has three full time executive directors and eight member directors elected by and from its membership. This ensures the company is industry-led and caters for its members needs. The current member directors of REPIC cover all sectors within the electrical and electronics goods industry. For a full list of REPIC members and their brands, see Our Members page. REPIC members currently represent approximately half by weight of the electrical and electronic products sold annually in the UK.

Since its formation, REPIC has constructively engaged with producers, government, local authorities, retailers, the re-use sector, other compliance schemes, waste transport and treatment sectors to offer solutions for a low cost, sustainable and equitable implementation of Producer Responsibility legislation in the UK

REPIC provides national WEEE compliance solutions to large, medium and small obligated companies from the producer and retail sectors and for all categories of WEEE.
REPIC is an approved B2C and B2B compliance scheme.

REPIC packaging scheme was set up to allow our WEEE members to comply with the Producer Responsibility Regulations (Packaging Waste) Obligations 2007.
REPIC provides information, advice and low-cost packaging compliance to our members.

REPIC operates a battery producer compliance scheme under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009. Our battery scheme members meet their legislative requirements and benefit from our guidance in this new legislation.

REPIC’s overriding objective is to provide maximum cost-effective compliance for its members consistent with excellent environmental performance.